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Custom Design and Printing for Brochures

Printing brochures add a touch of professionalism that sets businesses apart from the rest. They are eye-catching, take up minimal space, and deliver a lot of information in a small, easy to read packet. The front page immediately conveys information not only about the services you offer but also about your brand and values. Inside, you can tailor the contents to reflect the most important information customers need to know about your company. Whether you highlight company history, special features, or products for sale, the brochure format makes the text memorable.

Printing with RushFlyers

RushFlyers offers an array of online printing services for various brochure types, along with other print jobs. We can print a wide variety of promotional items, including but not limited to banners, tickets, CD inserts, booklets, menus, and more. Submit a finished design for printing, or request the use of our design services if you need a brochure layout that incorporates your text and company logo. Ask for a quote to find out how much your custom design is expected to cost. 

Size and Print Options

Brochures come in three possible sizes: 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14”, and 11” x 17”. They are all printed on professional quality glossy paper that leaves a positive impression and highlights vibrant color. We offer color printing, and you can either get color printed on both sides or only one side. If you need folding, we can do a half fold, tri-fold, roll fold, Z-fold, 4-panel fold, and more. You may also opt out of folding entirely if desired. Once you submit your design, we provide you with a free PDF of the proofs we will use to print the brochure. We print the brochures after you approve the PDFs, ensuring they meet your expectations. You can also choose to receive a physical copy of the proofs, for an in-person inspection, which requires a fee. 

Batch Sizes Available

Brochures with folding included can save time and effort, resulting in a finished product arriving at your doorstep that can be displayed immediately. Bulk brochure batches start at a run of 500, with options for 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, and 20,000. Cost per brochure begins at $0.29 for a batch of 500, with cost decreasing incrementally for larger sizes. If you require a smaller batch, you can use our short run option. Short run brochure printing refers to any batch of 250 or less, starting at 50. This size print job is suited to special events, such as a sale day or a conference with networking opportunities.

Connect with More Potential Clients

Brochures help open up the potential for more orders from a client. The high-quality glossy print is both visually appealing and also makes them less dispensable. It allows them to be kept for longer periods of time in pockets, drawers, and on desks without getting crumpled or torn. Their portability gives them an edge over bulkier options, particularly in a casual shopping context. Show off your company highlights via exciting visuals and informative text that encapsulates the company. Potential customers can easily reference a well-designed brochure, viewing available products and services and even price points.

Contact for all your online printing services. We create professional, glossy brochures with plenty of customization options. Our printing equipment has the most current technology, and it produces a high level of quality our standards demand.