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What is the Best Business Card Stock to Use?

When you pass your business card to someone, you’re not only giving them your contact information, but you’re also giving them a snapshot of you, your company, and your reputation. Potential clients and acquittances alike gauge not only the layout, font, and design of your card, but they’re also paying attention to how it feels. The best business card stock conveys a sense of confidence, quality, and style while remaining lightweight and affordable.   

100lbs Gloss Cover

While not always the best option for those on a budget, 100lbs Gloss Cover card stock is typically found through a high-rate or discount business card printing service. Thinner and more pliable than other available stock, these cards get the job done but may also communicate a feeling of “cheap” or lesser quality. Due to the inferior nature of these cards, many reputable business printing services no longer offer this option.

12pt C2S Gloss Cover

A bit thicker than the 100lbs Gloss Cover variety, 12pt C2S is fairly common for professionals that meet and greet large amounts of people. Perfect for large sales meetings, expos, trade shows, and those that travel, 12pt C2S offers a sense of polish at a price that’s more affordable than many high-end options while being slim enough to store conveniently. The sheer popularity of 12pt C2S Gloss makes it one of the best business card stock choices available today.

16pt C2S Gloss Cover

The top choice for sending a message of quality, 16pt C2S Gloss Cover stock is frequently used by business printing services looking to provide a thick, durable canvas for large ideas and large firms. If you’re considering business card printing and you’ve got a message to send, the premium and refined nature of 16pt C2S does well to impress even the most discerning of clientele. The gloss finish helps to lock in the design while keeping the elements out. Whether you’re at an exclusive sales luncheon or finishing up the back nine on your favorite course, this stock sends a message as reliable as you are.

Uncoated Options

Though they’re becoming a bit less popular as consumer trends change, uncoated card stock can offer a unique and textured appearance to your business card. Though much more susceptible to stains and damage than glossed varieties, uncoated cards often play host to more intricate themes and layouts that utilize contour to add depth. Due to the level of detail often found in uncoated cards, the expense can quickly become intimidating for new business and smaller companies to undertake. 

If you’re looking for the best business card stock at the best prices possible, Rush Flyers is ready to help send your message. Whether you just need a bit more information or would like to place an order, be sure to contact Rush Flyers today!