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Custom Design and Printing for Calendars

Calendars are a promotional item for your business that can give you excellent exposure all year long. Inexpensive to produce and highly-visible, calendar printing has long been the promotional method of choice for many savvy business owners and marketing professionals. Part of making the best marketing choice is selecting a reputable and innovative company to assist in your promotional needs. Rush Flyers is ahead of the game, providing a wide selection of promotional items, using recycled and eco-friendly materials and utilizing digital ordering processes. Their fast turnaround and commitment to quality help them keep customer satisfaction levels at a maximum.

Calendar Printing

If you want maximum impact that will promote your business all year long, you can't go wrong with a custom created calendar. Whether you distribute the calendars as gifts or giveaways, this is an ideal way to combine the promotion of your business with a practical item that has a real use for the recipient. Design and editing is easier than ever with modern design programs, and printing companies can help you decide on a layout and details that will bring your vision to life. A high-quality finished product combined with an easy design and ordering process should be the goal of your chosen printing company.

Short Run Calendars

In addition to custom calendar design, some business owners or marketing professionals turn to short-run calendar printing for their promotional needs. Short run calendars have many advantages and can be the perfect fit for high-volume, last minute, or more affordable ordering desires. Although the design options are more limited than those of customized calendars, short-run calendar orders have many benefits.

  • Speed of production. Short run calendars have a fast turnaround time since the majority of the design will be ready and waiting for you.
  • Affordability. Due to less flexibility in design and faster production, short run calendars are a more economical option.
  • Easy creation. Take the guesswork out of the design process and get your calendar in your recipients' hands more quickly.

Get Started Now

If you are looking for a way to market your business that can reach a volume of individuals and provide a product that is useful all year long, consider creating a promotional calendar to distribute. Whether you want a fully customized product or choose a short run option, calendar printing is a well-received promotional item that has excellent marketing value for the dollar. If you are ready to start your design, contact Rush Flyers to ask any questions, browse their online inventory, or get started on your design today.