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Custom Design and Printing for Magnets


Magnets are a great promotional tool because of their novelty. They can be moved around easily, which can be an advantage for keeping your brand’s information highly visible. Magnets are also useful for personal events, such as a wedding or a big birthday bash. No one will forget an event’s date if they get used to seeing it on the front of their refrigerators. Use magnets to keep your business or other endeavors at the front of people’s minds.

Using Car Magnets for Marketing

Using cars for advertising is a technique that has been around since cars were first invented. Since they are mobile, they have a unique advantage over other forms of self-promotion. Cars also tend to be highly visible. People are always looking at the cars around them, for both safe driving and out of simple curiosity. When you choose a car magnet, you get all of the attention of a car decal without having to make the same commitment. They are durable and sturdy but can be added and removed easily.

Magnet Printing Options

When you order a set of magnets, they are printed with the image file you submit. Aside from the image, you have several choices to adjust the specifications of the magnet itself. Magnets can be either one square foot or rectangular in a variety of sizes. Rectangular magnets come in 12 by 18 inches, 18 by 24 inches, or the largest size at 24 by 26 inches. We can make magnets without lamination, or we can make them with either glossy or matte lamination. Lamination is recommended since it will extend the life of your magnet by offering protection against the elements and keeping the design from fading.

Choose Rush Flyers

Rush Flyers offers quality printing online for small businesses, events, personal use, and more. Over 15 years of reliable service has made us the go-to company for any size print run of custom items. Our turnaround time ranges from next day service to two or three days, making us the ideal choice for print jobs that are urgently needed. Our 45,000-foot facility is home to a range of the latest Manroland printers, equipped to print in high quality with crystal clear details and vivid colors. If you need a magnet for a special occasion, a sale, or a new business, but don’t have a design yet, try using our custom design services.

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