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Restaurant Menu Printing Service

Custom Design and Printing for Menus

When you run a restaurant, the food you serve is everything. It’s fresh, delicious, and the aspect of your business that keeps profits coming in and the doors open. However, it’s difficult to sell all of your menu items if the options aren’t clearly visible for customers. That’s why having a clear, concise, and creative menu should be one of your priorities when it comes to managing the details of your establishment.

Tabletop Menu Options

There are a number of different ways to invest in menu printing for a restaurant, and each one comes with its own set of distinct benefits. Tabletop menus are where most of your dishes will be spelled out in detail, and therefore need to be up to guests’ standards if you want to make a good impression. Depending on the size of your menu, there are several options to choose from:

• Trifold: a traditional menu consisting of three panels, usually printed on front and back

• Long: A single-sheet menu, a single panel of the tri-fold option

• Paper Stacks: Longer menus can be purchased in “booklet” form

• Table tents: small tabletop menus for highlighting specials or drinks

• Placemat menus: great for entertaining children, helps keep tables clean

Portable Menus

Business isn’t always done solely at your restaurant’s tables. If you offer take-out options, delivery, or cater to various festivals and events, it behooves you to have an easily-accessible menu option for your on-the-go customers. Done the right way, offering take-out options at your business can seriously increase the profits, but you have to ensure customers know about this option and have easy access to ordering.

Take-out menus are basically paper copies of your normal menus, packaged into a pamphlet-style piece that highlights your dishes, delivery/take-out hours, and all the other pertinent details. Pocket menus tend to be smaller but provide the bare basics so your long-time guests can call in and satisfy their cravings anytime, anywhere. Both are great, simple options for a portable menu.

Colorful Design

Bold images, the right font, and a set of colors that draw the eye can really help make your menu more approachable and tie the entire piece to your business more thoroughly. It’s just a matter of knowing where, when, and how often to use images in your new menu in order to have the biggest impact on your guests. Food images also help customers gain a better understanding of the dish you’re offering and generally make your menu more effective.

Having a straightforward, professional-looking menu is a must if you want to create the best experience for your customers. Design and print yours today to raise profits and get your business on the track to success.