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Custom Design and Printing for Campaign Signs & Political Signs

Your political campaign relies heavily on name recognition, and one of the best ways to get your name and message out to the masses is through the use of political mailers and other promotional campaign products. A well-designed and distributed campaign mailer is memorable and provides potential voters with essential campaign information. Rush Flyers specializes in printing materials of various types with eco-consciousness in mind. When you choose them for your political campaign printing, you receive a high-quality product for a competitive price.

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Campaign Mailers

One of the most popular choices for campaign printing is printing campaign literature to be used as mailers. These items can come in the form of postcards, flyers, or brochures and contain valuable information to provide voters in your area. Your campaign logo and design can be printed with crisp color on high-quality paper for a smart and professional impression. Finishes can be glossy or matte with or without extra UV coating. To help mailers stand out from the crowd, details such as foil, velvet, or other textures can be added.

Campaign Signs

In addition to mailers, campaign signs are a common way to get name exposure to large groups of people at one time. Signs can come in the form of yard signs with H-stakes to push into the ground in yards or near polling sites. Other sign options are posters or large banners to use as décor at campaign events. For a display that is easy to set up, break down, and transport, a roll-up banner works well for use at multiple events since the storage container keeps it in excellent condition between uses.

Other Types of Campaign Printing

Although political signs and mailers still remain some of the most popular choices for political promotion, other printing options can help a candidate gain recognition and provide valuable information to voters. Small items that can be handed out at political events are effective. Many campaign promoters canvass door-to-door, so promotional items that can be easily distributed are usually beneficial.

  • Campaign logo stickers
  • Political door flyers
  • Campaign business cards
  • Modern postcards or palm cards

Get Started on Your Political Campaign Printing

Promotional materials are an essential part of a political campaign, so ensuring you have the high-quality products you need at your desired price point can be an important part of the marketing process. If you need political campaign materials printed with fast turnaround time, contact today to learn about the campaign printing options or browse the selection of products on the website before placing an order.