Artwork setup:

1. Setup artwork with 1/8" bleed and 1/4" of Safety margins.

IE: If the finished size is supposed to be 8.5" x 11", make sure your file is 8.75" x 11.25". A 2-page PDF is preferred. Page 1 is the front, Page 2 is the back.

2. Setup your files in CMYK mode.

Offset and digital printing require CMYK mode to be able to print. We suggest the image be changed to this mode prior to print so you can see the approximate of how it will look printed. We will not be responsible for color shifts if there are any PMS colors or RGB colors in your file.  Do not use shadows, glows, or transparencies on top of a PMS color, always convert your PMS color to CMYK and flatten transparencies before sending the art.

3. Make sure all of your images are the correct resolution.

Make sure your images for Offset Printing and Digital Printing are never lower than 300 dpi, and for Wide Format Printing are never lower than 200 dpi. Any resolution lower than the suggested values will produce results that may not be "acceptable”.

4. Preferred files: .PDF, .JPG.

Turnaround Times:


Please upload jpg,jpeg,gif,png,eps,ai,pdf,zip,tar,rar,cdr,psd,svg images only File should not be larger than 50MB in size.