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Here at Rush Flyers, we strive to be your online printing experts. With a careful eye for quality and a dedication to our craft, we’ve worked to lead a rapidly changing industry for over 15 years. As we have grown, the online printing services we offer have grown with us. While we primarily offer custom online printing services, our free print templates have been carefully designed to provide a platform of creation for a wide variety of purposes.

Creating your own design can sometimes be challenging. Editing and design programs are costly and can be quite complicated. They often require years of experience and in-depth understanding to be utilized to the maximum potential. For most of our customers, these programs are an unnecessary expense and a burden on their busy lives. As an online printing company, these programs are part of our every day. By sharing our expertise and our templates, we hope to make your lives just a bit easier.

Simple, elegant, and refined, these templates provide a starting point for expression and communication that’s perfect for any presentation large or small. Whether you’re interested in a banner, a program for a student play, or window decals for your next business venture, our templates are sure to help you get your message where it needs to be.



Banner Templates

Banner - 2 ft x 3 ft

Banner - 2 ft x 4 ft

Banner - 3 ft x 6 ft

Banner - 4 ft x 8 ft


Booklet Templates

Booklet - 8.5x11, 8pgs

Booklet - 8.5x11, 12pgs

Booklet - 8.5x11, 16pgs

Booklet - 8.5x11, 24pgs

Booklet - 8.5x11, 32pgs


Brochure Templates

Brochure - 8.5x11, Closed Gate Fold

Brochure - 8.5x11, Half Fold

Brochure - 8.5x11, Open Gate Fold

Brochure - 8.5x11, Roll Fold

Brochure - 8.5x11, Trifold


Brochure - 8.5x11, Z Fold

Brochure - 11x17, 4 Panel Fold

Brochure - 11x17, Half Fold

Brochure - 11x17, Quarter Fold

Brochure - 11x17, Roll Fold


Bumper Sticker Templates

Bumper Sticker - 2x3, Oval

Bumper Sticker - 3x3, Circle

Bumper Sticker - 3x5, Oval

Business Card Templates

Business Card - 3.5x2

Business Card - 3.5x2, Folded


Calendar Templates

Desktop Calendar

Wall Calendar - 5.5x8.5

Wall Calendar - 6x9

Wall Calendar - 8.5x11

Wall Calendar - 12x12


Canvas Templates

Canvas - 8x10

Canvas - 11x14

Canvas - 16x20

Canvas - 20x24

Canvas - 24x36

Canvas - 36x48

Catalog Templates

Catalog - 8.5x11, 8pgs

Catalog - 8.5x11, 12pgs

Catalog - 8.5x11, 16pgs

Catalog - 8.5x11, 24pgs

Catalog - 8.5x11, 32pgs


CD and DVD Templates

CD DVD Case Cover

CD DVD Case Cover - 2 Panel

CD DVD Case Cover - 4 Panel

Club Card Templates

Club Card - 3x4

Club Card - 4x6


Collector Card Templates

Collector Card


Color Copy Templates

Color Copy - 8.5x11

Color Copy - 11x17


Doorhanger Templates

Door Hanger


Envelope Templates

Envelope - #9

Envelope - #9, Window

Envelope - #10

Envelope - #10, Window

Envelope - 6.75

Envelope - 9x12, Booklet

Event Ticket Templates

Event Ticket


Gift Certificate Templates

Gift Certificate


Greeting Card Templates

Greeting Card - 4.25x6, Landscape

Greeting Card - 4.25x6, Portrait

Greeting Card - 5x7, Landscape

Greeting Card - 5x7, Portrait


Hang Tag Templates

Hang Tag - Top Center Hole

Hang Tag - Top Left Hole

Hang Tag - Top Right Hole

Label Templates

Label 4x3

Label 5x4


Lawn Sign Templates

Lawn Sign - 12x18

Lawn Sign - 12x24

Lawn Sign - 18x24

Manual Templates

Manual - 8.5x11, 8pgs