Tickets make a great marketing tool, and a professional way to promote your business for your upcoming seminar, concert, fundraiser, or night club that could make a bigger impact than you’d think.

When you are planning your event, you may wonder if there is a product that can advertise your business while at the same time track the attendance for data purposes. Custom ticket printing can help you meet your goals. You can add your own design to your tear apart print tickets to help you with your trade show, raffle, fundraiser or other personal or business event. Custom tickets are useful in a number of different scenarios.

Uses for Custom Print Tickets

Customers who choose to have custom tickets created are typically looking for a way to track guests who gain entry into an event while at the same time advertising for the event and the company itself. Printed tickets can include the company logo as well as the information for a particular event. The tear-off portion of the ticket can be used as a way to keep track of who attended the event or as a way to hold a raffle. Depending on your type of event, custom tickets can be a useful tool for both marketing and data purposes. Custom tickets are great for:

  • Business trade shows
  • Concerts
  • Professional exhibitions
  • Fundraisers
  • Raffle events

Types of Custom Print Tickets

Printed tickets add a more professional touch to your event and can be customized to give you the exact look you want. Tickets can be perforated for easy tear-off and are made of high-quality materials. Some customers prefer a high gloss look, while others prefer a matte or embossed variety. Tickets are typically printed on heavy cardstock with a gloss finish for durability and a polished look. Sequential numbers can be included for raffles or for tracking entry but can be left off if the tear-off portion is intended to be a coupon, drink ticket or freebie.

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