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Artwork Setup

File Types: 

Images: For optimal compatibility, we recommend submitting your files in PDF or JPG format. However, we also accept JPEG, TIF, TIFF, EPS, and PNG formats. Kindly note that only PDF, PNG, and JPG files will display previews in your backend orders.


Recommended file parameters

Color Mode: We strongly recommend using CMYK color mode for your files (while RGB is acceptable, please note that we cannot guarantee exact color matching).

Resolution (DPI): A minimum resolution of 300dpi is required (lower resolutions may be accepted, but we cannot guarantee optimal print quality. Certain Large format products may allow for a lower DPI or smaller size with higher resolution to be able to be designed.

Size: For optimal outcomes, we recommend uploading files that align with the dimensions of the intended print product. Utilizing the template files provided on the product page will help ensure the precise sizing of your artwork.

Bleed: The recommended bleed for Brochures, Booklets, EDDM Postcards Printing Only, Catalogs, Presentation Folders, CD Inserts, Calendars, Letter Heads, and Business Cards is 0.0625" (1/16") on each side. However, for Postcards, Club Flyers, Digital orders, Rack Cards, Sell Sheets, Bookmarks, Door Hangers, Stickers, and Table Tents, we run the jobs at the selected size and then trim an additional 1/16" on all sides. This approach helps you save money and keeps costs down. If you require a precise size, we suggest requesting a custom quote. For Large format Products, there is no need to include bleeds as we automatically add them during the printing process.

Max File size: While our system does not impose a file upload limit, we recommend an individual file size limit of 1000MBs (1 gigabyte). If the size of your file surpasses this limit, we recommend contacting our chat support for assistance.

For a complete list of the best file parameters, see our main FAQs section or the FAQs for the product you are ordering in the previews page.

Before you upload:

  • To ensure proper placement for UV one sided products, please upload the front side of your design using the "Front Page" button and the back side using the "Back Page" button. For products that involve folding, please upload the outside portion for the "Front Page" button and the inside portion for the "Back Page" button.
  • By clicking the button " Proofing System” option on this page, you will be directed to the Designer Studio page. This will allow you to modify your file to align with our printing template. You will have visibility of cut lines, safety lines, and can check if the file resolution meets the required standards.
  • On the other hand, if you select the "Print as Is" option, you assume full responsibility for your artwork. By selecting this option, you confirm that your artwork adheres to our Terms and Conditions, and that you have familiarized yourself with our FAQs regarding file preparation.

After you upload:

  • Once your files are uploaded, and you have chosen to either use or skip the Proofing system, you will proceed to a confirmation page. This page enables you to verify the accuracy of your order. At this stage, you can also upload dielines, specify numbering locations, and explore other additional options that may or may not be applicable to your order. Once you have reviewed everything, you can confidently add the items to your cart and proceed to place your order.
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