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Direct Mail Marketing Trends for 2020

Direct Mail Marketing Trends

In spite of the numerous ways companies can now market materials, direct mail marketing still provides a high-quality method of advertising that sees a return on investment. For those who are not clear about what direct mail entails, mailers of various kinds that are sent from businesses through the postal service to customers that have not specifically requested fall under the category of direct mail. In short, any unsolicited advertising materials fall under this category. 

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How to Make the Perfect Custom Calendar to Give as a Gift

Giving away a calendar to customers is a great way to show appreciation for them. You do not want to give a generic present that could have been given by anyone. You want to show that you know your customers well and that you can create a perfectly customized gift.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Writing Postcards

If you’re younger than 25 years old, you may not have ever sent or received a postcard. In a day of instant gratification, social media, and the Internet in general, sending postcards may seem like a lost art. What may surprise you is there are hundreds of individuals all over the world who still take the time to sit down with a pen and postcard to show their loved ones they care.

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What is Spot UV Printing? How Will It Make My Business Card Stand Out?

What is Spot UV Printing?

If it has been a while since you updated your business cards, letterhead, or other business paper stock, you may be surprised by all of the options available. Whatever design you dream of can be printed on the paper of your choice, in a variety of color choices and transparencies, along with additional accents that cause certain elements to stand out.

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What is the Best Business Letterhead Design for 2019?

Correspondence is one of the most valuable ways you connect with potential clients and customers in your business. Whether you’re sending important company info, promotional memos, or seasonal well wishes, it’s important to showcase your brand in an iconic, professional manner. Your letterhead design is often the first thing recipients see, and it should make a stunning first impression. Read More

Marketing Your Business at Trade Shows or Conferences

Trade shows are great opportunities to interact personally with potential customers and learn more about what others in your industry are doing. You can even meet new vendors or possible partners to help you expand your business to an even larger audience.
In order to take full advantage of what these events have to offer, you have to make sure that your presentation is top notch. These five trade show marketing tips can help you make an incredible first impression and network like a pro.

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10 Tips for Designing Your Banner

Vinyl Banner Design Tips

Investing in banner printing is an excellent way to promote a sale, a specific product, or just your business in general. It’s a tried and true method that’s stood the test time with ease. However, before you can hang your banner and reach out to customers, you have to design it. Here are some tips for designing your printed banner that help you get the most out of your investment while avoiding some common pitfalls.

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How to Make a Letterhead 


Many companies and professionals underestimate the power of a uniquely and beautifully designed letterhead. Whether you are hoping to draw in new clients with a written proposal or you simply want to design a visually appealing business card, you will need to craft a letterhead that helps you stand out from the crowd. If you do not know how to design a letterhead, here are some easy-to-follow tips to help you get started.

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What Are the Best Colors for Advertising Signs?

Best Colors for Advertising

To achieve this balance, companies, and marketers should take the color of their advertising signs into consideration during the design phase. If you are a business owner or marketing professional, here are some of the best colors for advertising signs.

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4 Reasons Why Business Cards are Important

Business Card Med

The best business card stock conveys a sense of confidence, quality, and style while remaining lightweight and affordable.   

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Sign Printing

Professional signage can be the difference between dull advertisements and an innovative, dynamic event. Check out all of the premium sign printing options available at great prices on   

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Poster Printing

Custom posters reach customers in a way that other marketing avenues can’t. Colorful graphics, powerful slogans, and thought-provoking images draw immediate attention as part of your business’ interior decor or exterior signage.   

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Flyer Printing

If you want to promote a company, event, or a special deal your business is offering, flyers are an excellent, cost-efficient tool. Eye-catching designs, bright colors, and useful information draw in clientele effectively, whether you are advertising a nightclub, church event, or new business.   

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Postcard Printing

At Rush Flyers, we are in the business of saving our customers money while getting their print job done with a quick turnaround time. If you’re in the market for postcard printing, we’re up for the job.   

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Brochure Printing

Professionally designed brochures are irresistible and offer many advantages that startups and established businesses depend on for success. From the best materials to cutting-edge printing tools, our stunning brochures will leave your customers breathless.  

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Business Card Printing

business card printing

Professionally-designed business cards are lightweight but powerful for boosting your company’s brand message and client base. Business cards provide a positive, easy-to-remember message about you and your company, which is important because many potential customers base their purchasing decisions on first impressions.  

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How To Design The Best Business Card

Business cards allow us to leave an impression long after an initial meeting.  They set the tone for future engagements, serve as an extension of our character, and offer a sense of tangible connection in an increasingly digital world.  In a rapidly changing world, your business card should remain familiar and present the same information, in the same fashion, each time.  Being consistent, unique, and thoughtful in your business card presentation helps to create confidence in the services you offer.  

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How to Create Awesome Club Flyers

If you’re in the food or entertainment industry, you may already be aware of the value flyers possess in a local market.  Nightclubs, restaurants, and entertainment venues all rely heavily on flyers to spread the word about special events, last-minute discounts and even featured musical acts.  

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5 Quick Tips for Creating Effective Flyers

Flyers are a practical and economical way of getting your message out to those around you.  While a cheaper option than other advertising methods, if not done correctly the expenses can add up quickly while you wonder where the results are. By keeping in mind a few simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to crafting strong flyers in no time at all.  

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