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Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax

All Florida customers must send in their Annual Resale License certificate to qualify for tax exemption.

At, our goal is to make your life easier and to help your business run more smoothly. We love to support the local small-business community here in Florida, and we aim to do whatever we can to control costs to keep your transactions profitable. If your business is in Florida, we strongly encourage you to apply for an Annual Resale Certificate so that we may waive sales tax for your purchase when your items meet certain conditions.

A Florida Annual Resale Certificate allows exemptions from sales tax when you are purchasing a property or service that will subsequently be resold or re-rented. Any item that will become a component of an item that you plan to sell is eligible. This includes parts and pieces of items you sell as well as packaging for these items. This may also include custom online printing that will be resold as part of your regular business operation, such as office supplies, signage for special events produced for a third party, etc. Even though’s online printing services are available for customers in all 50 U.S. states, this tax exemption is only available for businesses operating within the state of Florida.

Fill out the form below to upload a copy of your Annual Resale Certificate so that we may waive sales tax for your purchases. If you are unsure of what purchases may be eligible, feel free to contact us.


Please upload your resale certificate below.